Laser Coach Masterclass – Growth Through Better Client Engagement

Ability to scale is also driven by a well-driven institutional client growth strategy. In a highly competitive market where cost of client acquisition is typically high, how you engage both target and live clients throughout the product lifecycle is critical.

This intensive 90 minute masterclass session is delivered by our Opus Una leadership team and featured in the PWC Scale Fintech programme agenda in 2020.

It packs in key techniques, tips and methodologies on how to most efficiently and effectively engage your target clients and how to evolve your relationships into strategic partnerships. With a large focus on case studies and lessons learned from many years on the corporate front line, you will discover the processes that work and the mistakes to avoid

Who should attend?

All Fintech firms with B2B product offerings, looking to improve engagement with their target Financial institution clients. 

You will learn:

  • How to identify the characteristics of an ideal client and prospects that match those criteria
  • How to efficiently research prospects to gain the right insight for engagement
  • How to compare and prioritise client prospects based on clear evaluation criteria
  • Which client functions and stakeholders to engage – and how to do it
  • How to optimise the impact of product demos and proofs of concept through the sales cycle
  • How to position you firm/solutions as an attractive long term technology partner

Sessions conclude with a ‘growth clinic’ to tackle specific participant questions on this topic.


Growth through client engagement methodology guides and useful activity templates are provided to each course participant upon completion, to assist with putting these techniques into practice in your own firms.

Course Pricing: £1000 + VAT per company group  [up to 3 attendees per company]