The problem we’re solving

  • Start-ups and Early Stage companies looking for fast answers often require pin-point and ‘one-off’ external expertise
  • Where this expertise can’t be filled by board ‘advisors’, there is a knowledge gap
  • Typically, when firms require additional external expertise in key areas they use consultants
  • Where the insight/expertise required is very specific, larger firms can use ‘expert networks’ on expensive retainers
  • However, on a cost basis expert networks are inaccessible to Start-ups and Early Stage companies
  • That is why we are launching ‘Expert Laser’ – the expert network concept re-invented: Output-driven and made accessible to everyone

Some typical client questions that need fast answers

  • How can I better identify and engage target clients for my product?
  • What vendor solutions can we use and what are the key selection criteria?
  • How can I quickly validate early stage solutions with clients and investors? 
  • What is the optimal role specification for my senior hiring requirement?
  • What are the pros and cons of different revenue models?
  • What are the key themes in the evolution of financial planning services?

Why it works

Expert Laser allows you to directly access our Wealth management industry experts on an hourly basis, for insight and answers on specific topic areas.

Our practiced expert network participants are available through OU at a lower price point (cutting out the admin and middle-man).

A standard and transparent £200 hourly rate for all experts – simple and cost-effective.

3 simple steps:

1) Choose an expert
  • Review expert profiles
  • Determine expert match
  • Submit request form
2) Confirm your booking
  • Book your slot
  • Make payment
  • Prepare your questions
3) Speak with your expert
  • Ask your questions
  • Gather information
  • Gain insight

The Opus Una Experts:

Sharmil Patwa
  • WealthTech vendors & digital wealth management providers
  • Custody & admin solutions
  • Product development and governance 
  • Start-up acceleration
David Noyce
  • Fintech application design and build
  • Technology validation approaches and execution
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Tech resourcing and staffing models
Chris Redman
  • Investment management models
  • End to end investment process and portfolio construction
  • Integrating ESG analysis into investment process
  • Risk profiling process/methodologies
Andy Donnell
  • End to end credit risk process and controls
  • Collections and recoveries
  • Risk management policy and governance 
  • Securities backed/collateralised lending product development

Please get in touch to book your expert laser session