Early stage Fintech challenges

  • Conventional consultancy is cost prohibitive for smaller firms
  • Identifying and accessing industry experts for ‘micro-consulting’ is hard
  • Coaching is often based on generic themes, not a specific industry domain
  • Accelerators normally require a significant commitment of time, equity or capital

Introducing Opus Una Expert Laser

Experienced founders recognise that there are certain areas where external expertise and ‘coaching’ can be vital to accelerating growth.

We offer two services providing on-demand pin-point expertise and coaching:


Laser Consult Allows you to directly access our Wealth Management industry experts on an hourly basis, for insight and answers to your specific questions, across a host of key topics


Laser Coach Virtual group masterclasses or tailored individual client sessions for early stage firms looking to scale

Some of the Things We Help With

Reducing Client Acquisition Cost

Confirming the Market is There

Guiding Optimal Hiring Strategy

Getting Product Governance Right

Laser Consult - Laser Focused Expertise

With direct access to our Wealth management industry experts on an hourly basis, insight and answers on specific topic areas are available on demand. Practiced expert network participants are available through OU at a standard and transparent £300 hourly rate. 


3 Simple steps to schedule your Laser Consult session:

1) Choose an expert
  • Review expert profiles
  • Determine expert match
  • Submit request form
2) Confirm your booking
  • Book your slot
  • Make payment
  • Prepare your questions
3) Speak with your expert
  • Ask your questions
  • Gather information
  • Gain insight

Laser Coach - Laser Focused Training

Guidance and insight on key activities supporting Fintech growth through virtual group masterclasses or tailored individual client sessions – delivered by members of the Opus Una leadership team

Our Masterclasses:

  • Virtual interactive classroom sessions
  • 10-15 company participants per class or arrange a bespoke private agenda
  • All sessions followed by ‘clinic’ to get answers to your specific questions and pain points
  • Access to support guides and templates on each class topic, available post-completion
  • 1 hour complementary consultancy follow up session with our experts to support use of class techniques in your own company

Currently Available Laser Coach Masterclasses:

Masterclasses coming soon:

  • Optimise your seed investment pitch(deck)
  • Building out your team for scale
  • Fast track Fintech product validation

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