Titans of Tech, Europe's Flagship Companies

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to attend GP.Bullhound’s ‘Titans of Tech’ where the team presented findings from their recent research into Europe’s flagship Tech companies. Here are some of the data points I found interesting:


57 European Tech Companies worth over $1 Billion founded since 2000
7 are FinTechs (of which 5 are UK founded)
0 FinTechs in the Top 10 by Revenue or Revenue Growth
12 Acquisitions on average for European firms in $1 Billion club
5 Acquisitions on average for US firms Facebook, Tesla and
Uber (all valued in excess of $50 Billion)
3 Acquisitions on average for Asian firms Ant Financial, Baidu and DiDi
(all valued in excess of $50 Billion)



While over 10% of the companies in ‘The Club’ are FinTechs, none of them are in the Top 10% by Revenue or Revenue Growth. Is this a symptom of a greater level of regulation in Financial Services than other industries as well as disparate regimes which slows down scaling across geographies?


Without deep domestic markets such as the US and China, European Tech firms are more reliant on growth through acquisition.


In terms of geography the UK is without a doubt currently the European FinTech centre.


The report makes extremely interesting reading. Check it out at https://www.gpbullhound.com/